What is policy relevant, anyways?

Here we go again. It seems like every year or so some writer dusts of his or her “Timeless Ideas” notebook, turns to the “P” section and decides to rail against the current state of political science. This time the honors go to Tom Ricks, who is not particularly impressed with the latest issue of International Security. Because the world is full of dread and danger, the content of the journal, and by extension all of political science, is woefully irrelevant. The charge itself should not warrant a long response, but it made me think about a deeper question: . . .
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The Reading List: Offense-defense, nuclear deterrence, and al Qaeda

Keeping up with foreign policy news and international relations literature is a never-ending task. There is just too much good stuff being written. “The Reading List” is our semi-regular column featuring noteworthy articles and books we've read recently. Not everything on this list is new, but always worthy of your time.

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Reading List! We've got mini-reviews of books, academic articles, and analyses. In addition to the ones below, be sure to check out our review of Dan Drezner's latest book International Relations Theory and ZOMBIES and write-up of C. . . .
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