Does Obama Hate American Hegemony?

Does President Obama believe American hegemony is a bad thing for the United States and the world?  Reuel Marc Gerecht thinks he does.  Writing at the Weekly Standard about the various goings-on in the Arab world, Gerecht asserts,

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We may never know whether the conjecture of the historian Fouad Ajami is correct: that President Barack Obama sought the approval of the Arab League for the air war against Muammar Qaddafi because he thought the league—an organization that has always shown greater sympathy for the region’s rulers than for its citizenry—would turn down the French-led request to . . .
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Primacy, Decline, and Renewal: American Power in the 21st Century

There has been much discussion lately about the decline of American power.  For example, two nearly simultaneous talks this past October—by former ambassador Eric Edelman and Tufts University political scientist Daniel Drezner, respectively—sought to dissect America’s current bout of “declinism,” with subsequent articles by Paul Kennedy, Michael Auslin, Gideon Rachman, and others either supporting or disputing the idea of a world where American primacy is no longer secure.  Given America’s current fiscal troubles, its seemingly endless string of asymmetric wars, and coming on the heels of a global financial crisis, it’s understandable why interest in American decline is back . . .
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The Reading List: Offense-defense, nuclear deterrence, and al Qaeda

Keeping up with foreign policy news and international relations literature is a never-ending task. There is just too much good stuff being written. “The Reading List” is our semi-regular column featuring noteworthy articles and books we've read recently. Not everything on this list is new, but always worthy of your time.

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Reading List! We've got mini-reviews of books, academic articles, and analyses. In addition to the ones below, be sure to check out our review of Dan Drezner's latest book International Relations Theory and ZOMBIES and write-up of C. . . .
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Book review: Washington Rules

An old coworker of mine in D.C. once said that to be a successful political writer, you need a narrative. He pointed to Charles Krauthammer as someone who had built a career on a certain narrative on how politics and the world should work. These words came to me as I was reading Washington Rules: America?s Path to Permanent War, the latest book from Boston University professor Andrew J. Bacevich. In just about every facet of foreign policy, the two are polar opposites. Krauthammer is an unapologetic hawk, while Bacevich is one of the most prominent advocates of a . . .
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