Hegemonic Obsessions is a collaborative blog focusing on U.S. foreign policy and security issues. The founding idea behind it, cooked up by its contributors in a haze of internships in D.C., is to challenge and test the assumption that every corner of the world is of vital U.S. national security interest and thus require an activist foreign policy. The blog is very much a work in progress and its focus and contributors might evolve and shift as time goes on, but at its core it is our humble attempt at examining ideas that shape the stability and security of the world.

Disclaimer: The views offered by the contributors here do not necessarily reflect the views of the other contributors or their institutions or employers.


Hans-Inge Langø: hansinge.lango@gmail.com

Twitter: @hilango

Hans-Inge Langø started out his writing career as a journalist in Norway, working for several national news media outlets while getting his Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Oslo University College. In 2008, he moved to the United States to attend graduate school. He completed a Master’s degree in International Relations at Boston University in January 2010 and spent the following year working internships at the Cato Institute, the Hudson Institute and the Stimson Center. During which time he worked as a research assistant on defense budgeting issues for the Sustainable Defense Task Force and the Rivilin/Domenici Task Force. His research interests include U.S. grand strategy, South Asian security, terrorism and asymmetrical warfare.

Matt Fay: mfay58@gmail.com

Twitter: @MattFay1

Matt Fay is a PhD student in the history department at Temple University. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from St. Xavier University and a Master’s in International Relations and Conflict Resolution with a minor in Transnational Security Studies from American Military University.  He has participated in the Elliot School for International Affairs US Foreign Policy Summer Program at the George Washington University and, following an internship in defense and foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute, studied nuclear proliferation at the Hertog Global Strategy Initiative at Columbia University.  His research interests include foreign and defense policy, international relations theory, diplomatic history, military history, international security, nuclear strategy, and missile defense.

Harrison Moar: harrisonmoar@gmail.com

Harrison Moar is a think tank professional in Washington, DC whose work involves public relations, editing, and research in defense and foreign policy. His research interests include nuclear weapons policy, U.S. foreign policy, transatlantic security, the European Union, and international relations theory. Harrison is an avid sports fan who enjoys playing soccer and watching any incarnation of the beautiful game in an attempt to relieve the pain of supporting the Buffalo Bills. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Eric Ford Rojas: efrojas[at]gmail.com

Twitter: @rojas

Eric Ford Rojas is a digital marketing strategist in Washington, DC. He is fascinated by the influence of the Internet on political culture. His Master’s thesis, Landmarks in Havana, discussed the use of blogs by political dissidents in Cuba. An advocate of online transparency and Internet freedom, he is passionate about using the power of communication technologies to fulfill democratic ideals. He has Bachelor’s degrees from Santa Clara University in Political Science and Philosophy, and a Master’s degree in International Relations and International Communication from Boston University. Eric is the administrator of Hegemonic Obsessions.