Ghostbusters and Grand Strategy

The blogging here at Hegemonic Obsessions has been a little slow with the holiday festivities and whatnot, so I thought I'd get us back on track by piggybacking off a fun post from Dan Drezner's blog at Foreign Policy.  The other day on Twitter (yes, I was shamed into joining Twitter and go by the handle @MattFay1) Prof. Drezner asked his loyal followers to submit to him YouTube clips that best represented American grand strategy, and he would post them on his blog with his thoughts on what each meant about U.S. foreign policy.  In honor of my submission making the final cut I've decided to share it here:
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That's right:  the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  To my mind, few things encapsulate American foreign policy over the past decade than a well-intentioned thought that unleashes destruction on a whole lot of people.  What's better though, Prof. Drezner picked up on my thinking nearly verbatim.  From his post:

Hmmm … I'm intrigued.  This appears to be a subtle indictment of the idealpolitik that occasionally governs American foreign policy.  After all, Ray is trying to “think of the most harmless thing … something that could never destroy us.” Naturally, this leads to the creation of an entity that causes his paranormal colleagues to be “terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.” Think of this as a potential metaphor of both liberal and neoconservative enthusiasm for democracy promotion.  Sure, it sounds good in your head, but then you see who winds up doing well in the post-Arab Spring political environment, it's easy to lose the capacity for rational choice.

Can't really say it any better than that.

The other entries were excellent and came from analysts and experts much smarter than me:  Steve Saideman, W. Thomas Webb, Steve Metz, Andrew Exum, and the eventual winner, Hayes Brown.  Exum's is a particularly funny video that I am, apparently, one of the few people alive to have not seen before now.  So check out the post and enjoy–we'll be back to our regular blogging shortly.


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